Who’s in the kitchen?

I’m an amateur in the best sense of the word. I cook because I love it. When I get in the kitchen, all the dozen little annoyances/worries/stupidities of the day fade away, as I chop, slice, sauté, stir.

Not only have I never taken a professional cooking class, I’ve actually had to overcome a childhood in which bread was invariably squooshy and white, and the most used utensil in the kitchen was the can opener. In our midwestern household, frozen vegetables were deemed too exotic. But perversely, fish was always frozen. And breaded. And dreaded.

I started cooking when I was out on my own, out of necessity at first. Then I found I enjoyed it. Still, like most guys who sort of dabble in the kitchen, I developed maybe a half dozen dishes that were pretty good and coasted on them. But one day, I happened to look at a recipe and realized that (a) I could do this and (b) I had a pretty good idea what it would taste like. A real “Aha!” moment for me, the first of many. And the beginning of going from liking to cook to having a real passion for it.

A special thanks to my friend Rich Meyer, principal of Swell Advertising in St. Louis, for the superb Blue Kitchen masthead/logo design.

Oh, and I’m Terry. I’m responsible for all the words and photographs on Blue Kitchen, unless otherwise noted. All content is copyrighted and all rights are reserved, of course.


7 Responses to “Who’s in the kitchen?”

  1. Barb Nasby Says:

    Hey, Terry,

    Great idea! I’ll follow your progress as you add additional postings. Perhaps there will be a Boyd’s Bistro in your future.



  2. John Says:

    Hi Terry,

    That’s so funny, your experience sounds so similar to my own. If my family EVER had fish, it came in a frozen box, and the cripsy little breaded sticks were drenched in lemon to cover-up that anoying “fishy” taste?! My family, to this day, thinks I eat “exotic” food…”Prosciutto, what’s that?”

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.


  3. PatL Says:

    Hi, Terry, thanks for submitting to WHB. Enjoying your writing very much!

  4. Michael Willis Says:

    What about that salad in the Burmese restaurant in SF? I know I’ve never seen that approach before. Certainly not in Arch City.


  5. Lakshmi Says:

    You have a lovely blog! Love the theme, look and feel and the pictures. Nice!

  6. Frank Says:

    Hey Terry,

    Nice to have met you at the Bon V event. Always nice to meet others in the realm. The blog looks good. Keep-up the good work!!!


  7. creativespark Says:

    Hey Terry

    A sweet bird told me you turned 100 (K)!
    You don’t seem a day over 90! I’m ready for the celebratory cake picture.

    Congratulations That’s 100,000 mouths that drooled all over their keyboards.

    =) Marc

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